We know that recycling of plastic bottles, especially PET bottles, is very high.There are many people who specialize in recycling plastic bottles.However, as hollow products of plastic bottles, there will be some problems in the recycling process worth our attention.Today, IVIMA will  analysis it carefully.

First, belong to waste plastic hollow products, need to take up the space is very large, and a plastic bottle recycling market prices are often volatile, for is engaged in a large plastic bottle recycling, in order to delivery within a reasonable time, nature takes up a large part of the space, this is what we notice, location of plastic on the one hand, more convenient transportation,On the other hand, there must be an open field.Secondly, waste plastic bottles are easy to breed a variety of bacteria, health problems also need special attention, if the address is selected around some residential areas, will affect the surrounding health, attracted complaints.Again, plastic bottles belong to flammable products, fire protection must also pay attention to, a large number of plastic bottle accumulation, especially in summer, or rainy season, if the internal temperature is too high, easy to cause spontaneous combustion.

For plastic bottle recycling, friends engaged in this industry, we hope to analyze and consider from multiple perspectives, a variety of factors to consider, make the whole recycling smooth.For the choice of plastic recycling machine, you can refer to the recommendation of IVIMA , choose a special PET bottle recycling machine, the full set of equipment from 30,000 to 400,000 US doller, Our engineers will give professional advice according to your different needs  .